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Google has snapped up soft-keyboard developers Blind Type, bringing the promise of touch-typing on Android to the sloppiest of fingers. Neither company is saying how much the deal is worth, but Blind Type is only a couple of developers and a handful of demonstration videos - not even a product as yet - so can't have cost more …


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I don't believe it...

I can't believe this crap is patentable.

Spelling checkers work now by finding words that have a few similar characters in, generally somewhere near in the alphabet or phonetically.

Finding a replacement character that is nearby on the keyboard doesn't seem to be too big a leap intellectually and something I've been cursing about the lack of ever since I started using a "soft" keyboard.

Surely it needs nothing to do with a "pattern of dots". Simply take the 8 characters surrounding each typed character and search each of them through the valid word database. I'm guessing there would only be a couple of matches, (bearing in mind the design of qwerty was that normal English would have minimal striker collisions on an old mechanical typewriter running at speed.)

I expect indexing could be clever enough to narrow down most words after only a few characters.

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Or just learn to type on your phone.

Additionally, I wonder how much "bad typing" when into the non-Blind Type enables phones? Really.

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