back to article Dot Hill's intros first 10Gbit/E iSCSI box

Dot Hill has introduced its first 10Gbit/E iSCSI storage array, pitching the box'of'disks at rich media apps. The rackmount AssuredSAN 3420 and 3430 have a 10Gbit/E interface for iSCSI block access, making them well suited, Dot Hill says, for streaming video applications, rich media post-production, servers with lots of …


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It may say dothill on the box....

but will it have their own firmware? Big problem with dotHill was they didn't own the firmware on their FC arrays and fixing bugs took forever.

When they worked, they were fast - drive them too hard though and the nightmare starts.

Hopefully they'll own the firmware and the coders to perform the fixed because they deserve to survive.

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