back to article Apple jumps the pond in Nokia fight

Apple has started legal proceedings against Nokia in the UK, turning the ongoing dispute between the two companies into a transatlantic affair. Reuters reports that Apple is citing the same patents it's already accused Nokia of infringing in the USA, related to touch-screen and interface techniques. Nokia, meanwhile, has …


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Well, it's one way.....

to get someone else to pay for you to visit the 2012 Olympics.


either company in the ether?

Some time next year the ITC will decide if either company has a case to answer, and could ban US imports of infringing devices, which would be critical for ether company, though more damaging for Apple given Nokia's limited US presence.


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Re: Software patents in the UK?

Where does the article say anything about software patents?

Nokia sued regarding patents that "cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption" all of which may be hardware related. Apple sued regarding various patents including signal processing and power conservation (although other aspects do have a software feel). (in the US, I haven't seen the UK details)

That aside, the UK does have a fairly robust approach to "software patents" but it is possible to get a "software patent" as along as it is not solely related to software. The prime example is a software program which controls a manufacturing plant. If the improved software "invention" were to result in better quality/faster manufacture, there is a good argument that it has a real world "technical effect" and would be allowable and enforceable in the UK.

That is the law as it stands in the UK - not a comment on what is right.

</ patent lesson>

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What's so attravtive to Apple in UK jurisprudence?

May be the Learned Beak should postpone all proceedings in this matter until the US trade and court system has ruled on the matter.

I can understand people choosing the UK for libel cases, although this legal tourist activity is about to be curtailed, but why the UK for technology cases?

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