back to article Pirate Bay appeal begins without full defence line-up

The Pirate Bay appeal in Sweden got underway this morning, but only three of the four men found guilty in April 2009 of being accessories to breaching copyright laws turned up in court. Gottfrid Svartholm Warg failed to show up at the hearing in Stockholm’s Svea Court of Appeal, the Associated Press reported. Svartholm Warg’s …


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Note from Mum ...

[ordered to produce a doctor’s certificate by 7 October to allow for his case to be heard separately.]

... not enough

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Parrot fever?

Crackly line from Cambodia was it? I'm sure that should be Pirate fever......

Anonymous Coward

Uphold the previous decision plus penalties

IMO the sentences and damages should be doubled for abusing the judicial system with a bogus appeal. If they are unable to pay the fines then they should have an additional five years added to their sentences.

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