back to article Sony launches net content streamer in Blighty

Sony has introduced a set-top box that will present the same Bravia Internet TV and DLNA media sharing features built into its latest tellies and Blu-ray players on other screens. The SMP-N100's content feeds are accessed through Sony's XMB user interface, which allows you to call up the likes of Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer, Demand …


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Maybe I'm missing something here...

I noted that the RRP for this box is £150.

Granted, that price will probably fall once it reaches the online retailers, but it still looks steep for what the device offers. As you mentioned, Sony also produces network-enabled Blu-ray boxes like the BDPS370, which offers the Bravia TV online video facilities you mentioned, along with a Blu-ray disc player.

Given that you can pick up the BDPS370 online for about £120, what does the SMP-N100 offer that its Blu-ray brethren don't? Seems to me that you'd have to be pretty Blu-ray-averse not to go for the latter - unless they can get the SMP-N100 under £100, in which case it might fit the "higher-end media player" market.

Sorry if I've missed something here - coat on standby...

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