back to article Three links phones to Facebook for free

Three is to offer its customers free access to Facebook, allowing them to connect to the social network without paying a penny in data transfer charges. For now, at least. Three did mention right at the bottom of its announcement today that free access will be provided for "at least one full year". Maybe it'll start charging a …


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  1. mmm mmm

    3 on FB

    So basically, it's shit and not worth having. :-)

  2. Owen Sweeney

    Booo Hoo

    So, no Farmville!!!!!


  3. Anonymous Coward

    Heard before?

    Is this the same free Facebook access they promised some users ages ago, but never got to work (lots of forum postings from people being charged)?

  4. jg007
    Thumb Up

    works fine for me

    been using this for last few weeks without being charged and works fine for me, on a temporary basis I am on a PAYG phone and put £10 on it and received 600 texts and 300 meg of inet and pretty good going so far with Gmail app barely using any of the allowance and facebook / twitter being free, easy enough for me to check any pictures or stuff when I get back home

This topic is closed for new posts.

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