back to article Mimecast digs its way into the information bank

Mimecast is recasting itself as an information banker and looking for new types of data it could store and new ways to mine the banked information. The company is a UK-based concern offering e-mail as a service and working to add the storage of unstructured files and SharePoint information to what is an e-mail capture, …


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"Pandora's Box" indeed...!

I don't know about the UK, but in the US the rules on recording phone conversations vary from state to state -- some require that all parties be informed and agree to recording, others don't. Anyone using their VOIP-archiving service would have to start every outgoing and incoming call with a "This conversation is being recorded," statement replacing "Hello" as their greeting in order not to fall afoul of the laws here.

Also, if the carriers offered this service, would it have any effect on the wiretap laws? Would the police need to get a wiretap authorization if the suspect has already, essentially, agreed to let his calls be recorded (by choosing to use that carrier)?

I dunno... Sounds more "can of worms" than "Pandora's Box", to me.


warning it may bite you one fine day !!!

all this obsession withe recording phone e-mail and archiving will come back to bit you in the bottom, one day , so don't do it flock!


Mostly harmless -- needs to get out more

Good lord -- I can see why he was blind-sided by the IBM acquisition... didn't get out enough. And it's still true. Everything mentioned in this article already exists in the world of archiving and electronic discovery & compliance automation. I think it was nearly 2 years ago that Symantec did a partnership with a company that can do text-to-speech for searching voicemails stored within its Enterprise Vault product -- something that can come in handy for e-discovery. Autonomy has a similar capability, if you have enough cash to buy that extension to their search technology and store the indices it generates. And there are all those mandatory voice call monitoring systems for traders... you think someone actually listens to all of those?

Plotting email charts is a feature of several email e-discovery tools from a whole spectrum of vendors. Helps to understand who was talking to whom and quickly identify persons of interest in a case.

I could go on, but you get the picture. If this is the future of Mimecast... I'd be worried.

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