back to article IGF and crazy cabbies pull world together

Having spent three days grumbling and moaning about the Internet Governance Forum 2010, I pre-decided it was time to highlight the good stuff, the reason why people from 107 different countries bothered to attend. If you asked pretty much anyone at the event if the numbers were up or down this year, everyone would have said …


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Anonymous Coward

Well I still reckon it's a talking shop

But, I have to say that it has improved immeasurably over the 5 years.

The speaker who said "We are good at spotting the problems but we haven't been able to provide any of the answers" just about summed it up. However being able to spot the problems is a really good first step and as long as they don't follow up with the hinted-at threat of excluding the technical community they might actually start pointing at some of the solutions.

Agree about the taxis though. Although having taken the shuttle-bus option this wasn't so much of a problem, and it worked out cheaper in the long run.

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