back to article Microsoft punts HPC Server 2008 R2

Microsoft used the High Performance Computing Financial Markets conference in New York as the launching pad for its much-awaited third release of its technical computing variant of its Windows server operating system, Windows HPC Server 2008 R2. And the quants on Wall Street and around the financial markets are eager to get …


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Anonymous Coward

Product tying

And in the R3 release, in a bid to tie it to even more Microsoft products they will be adding connections for Access, SQL Server and Sharepoint. Powerpoint slideshow integration will get added in R5.

Bug fixes have been promised in the next major release.


just imagine....

One local box gets a virus (Windows? NAH!) and suddenly every server in Amazon's cloud, SGI's cloud and Microsoft's cloud are sending SPAM as fast as they can.

Just think of the profits that these three will make in the course of a few minutes, because we all know that these cloud vendors won't let a customer rack up a multi-billion-dollar/euro/whatever bill by running on every available CPU.

Or am I just too cynical?


....Just too cynical


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