back to article HP tunes blades for Oracle apps

No matter who gets the top job at Hewlett-Packard – and whether or not former HP top exec Mark Hurd gets to keep his job as co-president at Oracle – these two companies are going to have to partner and compete. HP is the dominant supplier of servers in the world, and Oracle is the dominant supplier of databases and middleware …


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IPS2* Hack Attack .... for Virtual Control of Currency and Elite Power Operating Systems


Oracle's position is both extremely precarious and tenuous, as any dominance in their market place is entirely dependent upon the intellectual property which they can provide to databases and middleware/scareware/vapourware, and they are easily rendered mere legacy units with the supply of better beta and/or novel information and superior intelligence for the future and future programming of systems from an Innovative Renegade Channel, which servers both Server Clients and Clouds, Independently and Virtually with Browsers ..... which has successfully Virtualised the Hardware/Software relationship.

With Hardware being as Cloud servered by an HP Virtual Machine Server type Operation and Software being ITs Remote Phorming of Browser Pharmed Instruction Sets, which are Virtually Downloaded and Configured to Systems Running by Virtue of an Automatic Program Receipt of Globally Available and Seriously More Advanced and Attractively Lucrative, Transparent Information ...... Artificial Intelligence.

*Intellectual Property Source Intrusion Prevention System.

A Titanic Rain Storm Cloud to be plausibly denied ..... and beautifully arrogantly dismissed to allow Unilateral Stealth Unhindered Rapid Progress?

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Nice article.

"....these two companies are going to have to partner....." <all fingers crossed> Despite Larry's marketting bluster, Oracle needs hp and hp needs Oracle.

"....The whole Matrix shebang has been billed as a push-button data center...." Anyone whom actually believes that probably also believes in the words "seamless integration"! Sorry, but companies don't come in ones size or do just one model of business, so I expect the average Matrix implementation to still require a shedload of app tuning once it is onsite, no matter how exactly the requirements are scoped. I'm sure that the accurate scoping, factory build and app stacking will cut down on the implementation load, but not to the point where it is going to be "push-button". Call me a cynic if you like, but that's just my $0.02.

".....The first job the new HP CEO has is to smack the marketing people who keep naming and renaming HP's products...." I'm sure there is more customers than just myself willing to loan the new hp top-bod a baseball bat for the task. If hp were to offer it as a sales incentive - free whack of a marketting bod with every unit sold - then they'd be pushing 90% marketshare in no time!

"....HP, for some stupid reason, is not providing the specific feeds and speeds of the Matrix for PeopleSoft setup...." No, I think hp are actually being smart here, as they know every company is different, and if they peg themselves to a benchmark then they will get hammered by customers that have a different stack/build and don't hit that performance figure. Especially as the minute you get into benchmarking you have to start competing with the other vendors' posted benchmarks, and you start using unrealistic builds, dodgy database partitioning, and unrealistic tuning options just to get the best performance metric.

Would be nice if someone at hp would let us know the break-out for how many untis they sell with Oracle apps versus those sold with the SAP or M$ stacks.

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