back to article CES pitted for Intel Wireless Display boost

Intel made a point of highlighting its Wireless Display (WiDi) technology at IDF this week, but expect an even bigger push at next January's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The chip giant announced WiDi at this year's CES, but few hardware makers have voiced their support for the technology. Twelve months on, however, and CES …


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Paris Hilton

I get the feeling...

It feels like Intel are taking a niche market, and making a niche in it, in order to put a niche inside that niche.

Wireless HDMI? Yes please, make it plentiful! Give me just one power cable to my tellie, and i'm happy as a pig in mud.

Wireless networking? Yes please, although my house is gigabit wired, the wireless is handy for laptops.

Wireless display? ....Why? I can just copy the file over onto my media box, and play it from there. In fact, I could just save it to my storage server, and just play it on any other device on the network.

My clients get confused enough with one wireless concept, let alone three.

Paris, because she makes my head hurt less than intel do with their niche, niche, niche design philosophy.

Gold badge

Re: I get the feeling...

"Wireless HDMI? Yes please...."

Which sounds suspiciously like exactly what this is.

Ok it's a closed, Intel only, limited to specific kit one, but I'm sure that someone, somewhere has a "works with anything you like" generic specification up their sleeves. A bit like a sort of AMD64 answer to this Itanium, if you will. With a bit of luck, this bollox from Intel should provide the necessary boot up the backside to everyone else to standardise for fear of Intel pwning their sorry arses.

The silly buggers here are those manufacturers bothering to build kit for this proprietary, doomed-to-die version.


Intel WiDi and Netgear Push to TV Adapters Available in UK and 12 Others

Connie from Intel here. Just wanted to let you know that the Netgear Push to TV Adapter is available in UK in addition to 12 other countries. You can get it in UK at Dell Direct among other vendors.

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