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The most popular alternative iPhone app store, Cydia, has bought up its nearest competitor to provide a single alternative to the iTunes app store. The Rock Your Phone app store will run down over the next 10 days, during which time Rock users will have to set up a Cydia account to which their purchases can be migrated. Then …


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iPhans voting with their pocket books on Walled Gardens

In reality the success of these alternate Apple App markets by people who obviously favour Apple electronic products, is a vote against Jobs Walled Garden.

Will Jobs even learn from Apple's previous attempts at exclusivity?

Viva the competition!



It is not just pocketbook thinking. It is mostly about availability of the correct apps. You cannot get a simple bluetooth switch on/off app from the app store because it would contravene the rules (apple don't like apps messing with bluetooth too much). You can get that on cydia. I wanted a nice little utorrent remote, cydia helped out again. Infact the cost is irrelevent for many of the apps i use because i simply cannot get them on the app store.

I can't stand apple's restrictiveness on the iphone, it is proper poo. The device would be so much better if it were opened up for anyone to develop for, but then Jobsy wouldn't be as rich then would he?

No a phanboi at all, but someone who bought a device which did what he wanted (after a bit of tinkering).


Viva la revolution

And there was me thinking that jailbreaking was about sticking it to the man and that those doing it were helping the little man revolt against the corporate empires. Lo and behold they are in fact lazy money grabbers piggy backing off someone elses work and making a fortune in the process.


It's like hearing the clueless rant at the GPL.

Yes. How dare those people make money selling things to individuals that want to use their own personal property any way they see fit!

Jailbreaks simply allow all buyers and sellers to act with the freedom they should have had to begin with and the same freedom they have on a Mac or a PC.


To AC@12:56GMT

I take it you've never used Cydia, then... Or if you have, you're blithely unaware of the effort that has gone into making a system of Cydia's quality and more importantly, stability and compatibility without the support of... er... I mean whilst actively opposing the will of Apple.

Yes, Rock was fast and rather slick and Cydia could definitely learn a thing or to about HID from them, but it was fast because (IIHMFS) it used some rather dodgy cacheing methods and bypassed various checks.

Don't quote me on this, but Rock also used some extensions (Rock extensions) that occasionally caused conflicts and duplicated much of the work of Mobile Substrate.. Although, I didn't personally experience any conflicts.

So, I wouldn't say that Cydia is piggybacking someone else's effort, on the contrary, Rock inherited your Cydia settings and was hence populated with the same packages anyway.

I will miss the speed and the slick, professional interface, though.... Going back to Cydia is a real PITA in terms of speed, but I do support the idea of all the - rather limited - jailbreak programmers being on the same boat.

So, in a word, "No."

Jailbreaking isn't about sticking it to the man. That's what men with small dicks and too much time do.... so to speak... Jailbreaking is about packing your device with all sorts of great tools that aren't available on the official store, as simply and efficiently as possible, to get the job done.

If you want to stick it to the man, why don't you install Android and post about it on Blogger.


Abort / Retry / Go to PC World

Chlamydia ?

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