back to article GoDaddy seeks $1bn buyer

GoDaddy, the web hosting and domain sales firm, is reportedly up for sale and seeking private equity bids of more than $1bn. The Arizona-based outfit, best known for its smutty adverts during the Super Bowl, is being shopped around by Qatalyst Partners, the Wall Street Journal said. Qatalyst Partners, run by investment banker …


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Adequate service but so annoying to use

GoDaddy takes the Ryanair approach to domains. It starts off advertising dirt cheap domains but makes it difficult to get those prices. By the time you've navigated a gauntlet of nickel & diming & upselling the cost is nothing like what you started with. They also love spamming customers with a constant barrage of promotions.

Once you fight your way through this crap, the service is reasonable enough. They have online tools for the usual things and service is fast. It's too bad they make customers feel so icky in the process.


Danica Patrick

Maybe they should have found a better ad girl than Danica Patrick.

I mean 3 pounds of makeup makes her acceptable looking, but doesn't really hide the fact that she is not beautiful.

In her "career", she has a grand total of one win.

Plus, most importantly. She CAN'T ACT!

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"Not beautiful?"

A quick Bing of "Danica Patrick" reveals quite a young lady. I thusly am forced to conclude that you have some high standards, sir. Unless you are the chiselled image of a Greek god yourself I would venture perhaps unreasonably so.

I’ve not seen her act, so that part I can’t really comment on.

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transfer any domain to us...

except but only after we have your details will we tell you that it can't be transferred

Nightmare - never again.


@transfer any domain to us

Um....took me one click to arrive at:

Which doesn't even list ''

A couple of extra clicks if you take a wrong turn reaches this page:

If you specify a you get:

Transfer Error:

z******a.CO.UK has been removed. Only the following domain extensions are allowed for bulk transfers : .COM, .CO, .INFO, .NET, .ORG, .ME, .MOBI, .US, .BIZ, .MX, .CA, .WS, .COM.CO, .NET.CO, .NOM.CO, .ASIA, .BZ, .IN, .COM.MX, .TV

None of these pages required me to:

a) login

b) part with anything other than the domain name

Don't be such a drama queen.

ps: I work for a hoster and it isn't GoDaddy just in case you think I'm being a shill.


annoying .. yes

I think 3 years ago, I had perhaps 65 domains ...

Down to 40 .. some sold, some expired .. I came out ok through my domain turning days, held on too long though

I'd guess they are down 25-35% from peak sales, and the growth of add-on services has slowed or is shrinking

I never use a registrars other services outside of SSL Certs .. I always can find an old coupon number for renewing at around $8.20 .. $7.25-under$10 for new domains, just have to catch it right .. no impulse buying

too many clicks to get to my domain manager, system should recognize that all my domains point to my nameservers / webhosting and not offer me all this bullshit, especially when I renew

I admire Bob's entrepreneurial talents .. He's seeing a slowdown that's not going to get better soon .. moving on to something else .. he has fun with it. Critics probably spend to much time in Sadville ..


Auction vs. Negotiations

Selling GoDaddy through an auction instead of negotiations suggests that their advisor, Frank Quattrone, believes either that there are a very large number of interested buyers or few that have similar views on the growth potential of the domain name industry.

The latter is typically associated with stable businesses, not credible for the domain industry.

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