back to article Microsoft's man in Nokia: he's all business

Nokia's decision to poach a Microsoft president as chief executive is as surprising for Nokia watchers as it is challenging for the company he leaves behind. The embattled cell-phone maker's new CEO is Microsoft president Stephen Elop, an execution man with a track record of safely running well-performing businesses. On …


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Android would overtake Blackberry?

Android as 2nd place worldwide ... that would mean not only jumping over iOS, but also the Blackberry share. Now that's impressive, given that the BB OS market share is still twice the iOS share. Even then, Symbian is still big in the smartphone market; its market share is still pretty high, last I checked Symbian had a 40%+ piece of the pie. So Gartner's 2014 prediction isn't far-fetched ... but Android leapfrogging RIM this year is kinda far-fetched. However, this prediction also means that iOS isn't going to be anywhere near the top three by then.

Now if Android does pull off that prediction ... the smartphone market is going to get very interesting.


Predictions for 2014?

Given an 18-24 month replacement cycle for most mobile phones, 2014 is two generations of purchasing away.

Thus, any predictions are complete toss. My opinion is that Android will grow and grow, but that opinion is based on gut feel, not any spurious market research.


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