back to article TVonics debuts Freeview HD DVR

UK set-top box maker TVonics has announced its first Freeview HD DVR. TVonics DTR-HD500 The twin-tuner, 500GB capacity DTR-HD500 not only sports HDMI output, but it also packs in a pair of HDMI inputs, allowing users to feed the DVR and two other players to their telly through a single cable. That's handy if you want as …


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I think I might buy one

I am after a Freeview HD PVR as I need a portable DSO compatible Freeview tuner and my only semi portable one has the name Pace on it, so of course it will not work properly post DSO. By portable I mean not my 46" TV, nor my Freesat HD PVR nor the internet needing BT Vision box.

While on holiday the stupid Pace would not record the Grand Prix.

So this ticks the HD box, the HDD box (Humax is too expensive and might clash with the HDR), the not Pace box (so it will get supported after DSO), and it is designed by the old Sony IDTV team (who were pretty good).

Anyway this looks favourite to replace the Pace Twin when it finally fails at DSO.

BTW ther is a limit to what you can do in Cornwall when it is wet.

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