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Apple new sixth-generation iPod nano "is more like a Shuffle with a screen than a Nano with true multi-touch" says Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, the parts-and-repairs website that glories in dissecting electronic devices to discover what makes them tick. iFixit's teardown of the purportedly multi-touch iPod nano led Wiens to the …


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It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing.

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Caution: Apple publicity exagerating again

One motion touch might, legally, be acceptable it represents a fact about Apple, and Jobs, they don't tell the truth. To the typical iPhan a single motion is hardly fitting with their conception of the accepted meaning of the phrase.

Using Apple's criteria, my house is filled with 'touch' items that have only a binary state.

And what is gained by slimming the case whilst the the glass standing proud? Again, Apple abandons engineering principles for form-factor. This was the cause of the Lemon 4 antenna failure.

Exposed glass edges can lead to 'chipping' creating possibly dangerous chips of glass.

Another example of Job's lies is his proclamation that the latest Word from the Almighty was streamed using 'open standards' is false. The technology is Apples and has no acceptance as an Open Standard.



Another 'I hate Apple' poster. Bored already.

'Using Apple's criteria, my house is filled with 'touch' items that have only a binary state.' Eh? not really getting what you're on about. The only touch objects Apple harp on about tend to be just that (screens, pads etc.). They do refer to buttons too you know. Getting desperate for remarks?

'And what is gained by slimming the case whilst the the glass standing proud?' Aesthetics, to a degree, minimising size, weight, materials..... Also, as for the chipping question, that depends on the hardness of the glass used, plus the finish on the edges. Assuming they get case design right, which they usually do, you are once again bleating without the facts.

And what does 'open standards' have to do with the discussion about the iPod Nano? Oh dear.


If they are worried about how thick the case is...

...why stick the big chunk on the back with the apple logo on it? If they want their logo on the back, make it part of the case and make it thinner that way giving room for more protection round the glass.



I think he means things like his cooker or microwave MR AC


Its a shame

It just seems like a massive step backwards for me. It's dad's birthday next month and he wants an iPod Nano. After the announcement I rushed out so I could ensure I got the current version because it is just a much better device. Bigger screen, video recording, video playback, OK so no touchscreen, but frankly I can't see the point in that on a device this small anyway.

What makes even less sense is for just a relatively small amount (£60) more you can go from this very basic music player to a full iPod Touch complete with HD video recording, Facetime, and the huge amount of apps on the marketplace. The new Nano just makes no sense :(


New Nano - Shame :-(

I love the Nano I've had two (2G and 3G) and loved them both. Mine is starting to play up as the "menu" switch doesn't always register. So I was really looking forward to the refresh and maybe getting one as a Christmas pressie. But, Ho Dear! the new Nano is shit. Why do they take away features and call it progress? I wasn't too bothered about the video camera but not being able to play video is a problem. Yes, I know it's a tiny screen and I normally listen to audio however, occasionally I download a video podcast to watch, now I can't. So the new design is more expensive and with less features. I'm going to be looking around for a new 4G whilst stocks last.

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Really, who wants video on a 2" screen, that's just stupid and gimmicky, and that's the only reason they put it on before, because they could. If you want video, get a proper iPod or other device with a screen you don't have to glue to your glasses.

I am on the fence with this generation. The last one I didn't like at all, the one before that was beautiful - the flat thin one rather than the curvy ones.

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I do!



I don't know if it is so much that people want to watch video... but rather they would like to listen to things like podcasts that happen to be presented in video form.

It's like the news on TV... there is video but the video isn't essential, you can listen to the audio and get a similar benefit from it.

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US English


I guess can not be interpreted in any peverse way in the US ?

Paris - because who gives a toss about her any more ?


iPod Touch?

"Apple new sixth-generation iPod touch "is more like a Shuffle with a screen than a Nano with true multi-touch"

It's a Nano isn't it? Maybe I'm wrong, I've been to the pub.


The screen is multi-touch capable.

Whether the firmware actually makes use of anything more than the two-fingered twist motion is irrelevant: it *can* do more if required, but Apple's design team are nothing if not minimalist.

Good design is mostly about what you leave out than what you put in. Adding features without any care about how people are supposed to use them is what's made Symbian and Windows Mobile / Phone such roaring successes. Oh, wait...

What purpose would pinch to zoom serve on a display that small? Does the writer of this article seriously believe there's a ton of money to be made in creating the world's smallest, fiddliest digital photo frame?

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