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If we at Reg Hardware made DSLRs, we’d be looking nervously over our shoulders, as compact cameras have never been so good. The rise of APS-C EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens) cameras, such as the Sony NEX models, promises DSLR-quality without the bulk to carry around. Size matters and Canon now appears to be …


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Sensor sizes

So, which EVIL (like the acronym, btw!) only have a thumbnail sized sensor?

Pretty much every EVIL camera I've seen as a MFT camera or Sony NEX. The former use a 4:3 sensor that's only 11% smaller (IIRC) than an APS-C. The Sony uses the aforementioned APS-C sensor (but ruins things with a Big Ears & Noddy UI). Now, unless you're a giant, I'd hardly call this thumbnail sized.

There are some oddities out there such as the Ricoh GXR. But this has an interchangeable lens and sensor, so the latter can vary according to the lens.

Personally, If I was on a budget, I'd need some real convincing not to look beyond the Lumix G2 and GF1 cameras.

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APS-C vs Four Thirds

The imaging area of four thirds is 17.3 mm x 13.0 mm = 224.9 mm².

The imaging area of Sony style APS-C sensors is 23.6 mm x 15.8 mm = 372.9 mm², or 66% larger than 4/3. Even if you're only talking linear dimensions it's still 29% on average. The maths isn't that hard.

My thumbnail's bigger than four thirds, and I just trimmed it.

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Lumix FZ45

Got one last week, went to a wedding, managed to get over a thousand photos in focus, despite (or perhaps because of) being totally pissed.

Utterly amazing camera. £280. You can even turn off the flash and photo your wife asleep in the dark, should you be a complete deviant.

I can't see any point in spending any more money than this after what it did.



whose budget did you take into account when proclaiming these cameras to be "budget" ?

£500 is not exactly 'budget'

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