back to article Microsoft hosts bring-a-bottle cloud trust code of practice party

Blighty’s cloud computing industry now has a trade body that wants to champion trust in data stored at a tech firm’s outhouse, by getting vendors to commit to certification that, by mid-2011, will be independently scrutinised. We just don't know by whom - yet. Step forward the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), which this week was a …


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could still be a fad

"Trade bodies in that field are burgeoning as IT channel players begin to recognise that cloud computing isn’t a fad, but instead is here to stay."

It could still be a fad. There've been plenty of fads in the past that went long enough to have trade bodies or industry consortiums pop up, computer users move on when the fad either proved overcomplicated, or never coalesced into an actually useable product or service, and the consortiums/trade bodies close up.

So far, most implementations of cloud computing seem to provide similar services to having VPSes (virtual private servers) with loads of hype thrown on top. I could see things coming together so actually useable failover and so on is implemented and "cloud" provides soemthing, or I could just as easily see this being so infrequently implemented properly it's not used, and people just drop the "cloud" hype and go back to getting VPSes and such as they did in the past.

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