back to article Oracle sneaks out Solaris 10 refresh

Rather than wait two weeks for its own OpenWorld extravaganza, Oracle has snuck out the long-awaited update to the Solaris 10 operating system. The related Solaris Cluster clustering software and Solaris Studio development tools were also tweaked. As usual, the release notes for the updated Solaris 10 have a little bit of …


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  2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    zfs or raw?

    With Oracle tweaking ZFS for Oracle DB, just curious what is the 'best practice' situation for Oracle DB on solaris, I assume they want you to use ASM, but do they rather you go raw or do they prefer ZFS (they may not care either way but I have to think one way is better than the other).

    Unless/until they somehow integrate ASM with ZFS (unless that's already done) I'd suspect raw devices is probably most optimal.

    Been more than two years since I used Oracle, so out of touch..!

  3. Alan Hargreaves


    Umm not quite. The 12% includes the h/w support. It's not in addition to the 7%.


  4. Stephen 27

    Bzzzzt support costs are not 20%

    Wrong. You do not pay 20% for hardware and OS support. The 12% of net price includes OS and hardware. 8% is OS only.

    It is just that you cannot buy hardware only support, or anything other than Premier support.

    BTW, the software support includes Solaris, Oracle Linux and Oracle VM (x86 or SPARC based).

  5. TomasF

    Wait, what?

    They're still calling it OpenWorld? Oracle? At least Larry has a sense of irony... oh, he doesn't?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      re: Open was a word before FOSS

      "Open" was around way before Linux or even GPL was even in diapers. The Unix vendors have always used Open to mean the opposite of Closed (or more specifically Mainframes). Originally "Open" meant that it is based on Open Standards, such as Posix, SQL, SPARC, ASCII, Java, rtf, html, BSD, C, C++, XML, etc. Open refers to "Open Standards", not "Open Source" necessarily.

      The Unix vendors have always liked using the term. See "OpenStep", "OpenServer", OpenGL, OpenDarwin, etc. Funny enough, HP even changed VMS to OpenVMS when they bought Digital (funny 'cuz it was very closed).

      1. Steve X


        DEC changed the name to OpenVMS a long time before they were bought by Compaq, in response to competition from Unix. HP then bought Compaq 4 years later.

  6. King1Con

    Good News!

    This release of Solaris 10 is really good news!

    Possibly the last release of Solaris 10 before Solaris 11 - adding the p2v for Solaris 10 physical to virtual zone is a good thing, it should help businesses move to Solaris 11 more quickly since Solaris 11 has Solaris 10 Branded Zone support.

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