back to article Intel Sandy Bridge preps for AMD Fusion fracas

At next week's Intel Developer Forum, Chipzilla will unveil its long-awaited Sandy Bridge microarchitecture — and the more we learn about it, the more it appears to share with AMD's oh-so-late Fusion effort. After architecture-group headman David Perlmutter unveils the Intel's "next generation" microarchitecture in his Monday- …


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Anonymous Coward

Interesting assessment about AMD...

From the released hardware previews, it appears Sandybridge will have the best Intel GPU offering so far, but that's not much to brag about.

From AMD's side, the Fusion offerings appear to perform at a similar level to current low-end discrete graphics cards or approx. twice the speed of Intel's offering. Assuming AMD's design guidelines for power are accurate, this should be a game changer in the low-end laptop and netbook market and allow AMD to price their CPU's around the same level of Intel which would provide a major revenue boost.

Home users will benefit from better web browsing (hardware-accelerated flash etc) and gaming in the largest consumer market segment which will help the PC as an alternative gaming platform to consoles.

The interesting change will be the impact of a half decent GPU on business desktops. Desktop videoconferencing has been waiting for this.

It might be enough for AMD to get to a competative market share and avoid the major ARM assault that appears to be looming in the form of multicore CPU's.

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