back to article Three picks up the Tab

Three has become the latest UK operator to tout tablets: specifically Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Tab. The 7in offering is "coming soon", the network said, but not soon enough for it to reveal device pricing. But Three did say it will offer £10 and £15 monthly voice contracts, respectively bundling 100 any-network voice …


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"£10 and £15 monthly voice contracts"

Why, when everyone already has a mobile? And the data options don't look generous, when Three does 15GB for £15pm.


15gb seriously?

unless anyone uses the thing as a fixed broadband replacement how could you possibly get near to this?

Fact is 1GB is more than enough for most mobile users.

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Ouch! UK pricing takes the icing off the cake

Given the Lilliputian size of the UK compared to either Canada or the U.S.A. it is hard to fathom just how carriers justify airtime charges.

It is hard to compare UK prices with other countries as tax is never clearly stated as being included or extra.

The carrier could easily kill the success of the product unless the airtime is carefully priced.

Will they be offering the standard Samsung or adding it's own 'features' that will only serve to delay upgrades?


mysteriously runs 20 per cent faster than all the others

To be fair guys, that is the same speed quoted on the Vodafone site

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