back to article BT takes 40% of CfH spending

Connecting for Health spent £470m with BT last year, more than twice as much as went to CSC. BT's dominance of health service IT has been revealed by government figures showing the firm received more than two-fifths of NHS Connecting for Health's 2009-10 £1.1bn supplier budget. The data, released by the Department of Health ( …


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"Hello, could you put me through to the BT Ticket office please..."

"Yes, I would like to buy a ticket for the BT CfH Gravy Train...uh-huh, yes, first class please...when will I be travelling? Oh, for as long as possible...great, Thanks. Bye then."



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Might it be an idea for BT to sort out their communications infrastructure as well ? Dont forget theres people out there that use the telephone, and have this amazing technology called the Internet nowadays.

Do you think BT may want to help our 3rd world country to be able to use broadband in 90% of the country? No....not superfast broadband as the government suggests at 2Mb.....(what a JOKE) but an absolute minimum of 20Mb.....or better....and dont forget BT, we want this as a mininum, not a "range"

rearrange these words - Fat, lining, wallets, Cats, profits


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