back to article Samsung: demand for Windows Phone 7 'specialised'

Samsung is to focus on Android and Bada for its smartphones after claiming there is no demand for Symbian phones and only "specialised" demand for Windows Phone 7. Speaking to Reuters, Y H Lee, the marketing chief at Samsung's mobile phone division, said Samsung will introduce a Windows handset later this year to tap into the …


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Windows Phone 7 is dying before it is even released

Handset OEMs had previously signed up to Windows Phone 7, such as Samsung, Toshiba, HP and Sony Ericsson.

Toshiba, HP and Sony Ericsson recently abandoned the failing OS.

Now it looks like Samsung has also got cold feet.

Developers beware. This is turning into Kin #2. Stay well away.

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Windows 7 could have an ace up its sleeve

Windows 7 Mobile is lamentably late and what's shipping is crippled by time constraints. Thus you can't even cut & paste in version 1. Or multitask. These limitations are as lame in Windows 7 Mobile as they were in the iPhone. Microsoft's decision to gut the UI also means that it lacks many of the features that would sell it to businesses, and probably some that would sell it to consumers are going to have to wait for future iterations.

Where Windows 7 could succeed is if they play to their strengths. I think it has the potential to be the best mobile gaming platform for phones for example. Certainly much better than Android and probably better than the iPhone too. This isn't because the phone hardware is better, but by supplying high quality SDKs for development with integrated XBL support.

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