back to article Intel to pay $1.4bn for Infineon WLS

Intel has embarked on a major shopping spree to counter the pressures on its traditional businesses, which prompted it to issue a results warning at the end of last week. That was swiftly followed by the announcement that it would acquire Infineon‘s wireless arm, as widely expected, for $1.4bn, hard on the heels of the purchase …


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Where are AMD in all this? Or are they not?

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Replacing WiMax in Laptops?

<<The acquired technology will be used in Intel Core processor-based lap- tops, and myriad of Intel Atom processor-based devices, including smartphones, netbooks, tablets and embedded computers." It will also enhance Intel‘s HSPA activities>>

Article all very interesting. But Intel has yet to prove itself in MID, tablets, PMP and phones. Laptops & Netbooks built in "Centrino" or other Intel branding WiFi + GSM/3G-HSPA/LTE.

The consumer market envisaged by Intel for WiMax built in rather than an Outdoor Fixed Wireless has not materialised and now never will.


How many patents does Infineon Hold?

That Intel could use to stifle its competition?

I fully expect to see a whole raft of lawsuits eminating from Intel once the deal is closed. They will be aimed specifically at those who use ARM instead of Intel Chips in their mobile devices.

They will promise patent indemnity to those who switch to Intel even though their offerings are nowhere comnig close to ARM A9 etc in almost every measure...

Off to the pub for a pint or two of the best with a few guys from ARM holdings.


3g/4g in laptops and netbooks

Well, if integrated WiMax or LTE will work as well as integrated 3G is working now - when various manufacturers advertise laptops and netbooks with integrated 3G - but the model is conveniently unavailable for the UK market - I give up.

I've been after a netbook or small laptop with integrated 3G for over a year now. HP has a Mini with integrated 3G for the UK market - but not available in the UK. Same with Packard Bell Butterfly. Toshiba NB-200 used to have a version with 3G - but the new NB-305 doesn't have a version with 3G. Why has the availability of integrated 3G been so poor in the UK? MSI, Acer, Asus netbooks - available with integrated 3G, but not in the UK.

Oh well, just wondering here.


Intel itself was already an ARM licensee

Intel only sold XScale PXA processors to Marvell. They still make IOP and IXP series chips with ARM cores for their own products (I/O parts for boards based on their Core chips and also for embedded stuff). They also buy LSI Logic chips based on ARM cores for the Intel RAID controllers.

These are smaller, slower ARM cores and they're used as cores rather than to implement the ARM instruction set for outside applications to access. Yet they certainly are ARM.

Don't be surprised terribly if Intel sells Infineon Wireless products with ARM chips in them, possibly side-by-side with Atom.

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