back to article Nokia seeks to tap the X-Factor

Nokia is backing ITV's X Factor with a dedicated application and exclusive content, but it will take more then Auto Tune to make Ovi a Christmas number one. The X Factor application can be downloaded from the Ovi store from today, and features "backstage gossip", "exclusive video content", a rating function and "lots of …


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Mr Brush

Oh Dear...

It's a real shame to see a once proud manufacturer going for the low hanging fruit in a desperate attempt to stay afloat.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Text voting not allowed

Text voting isn't allowed on TV at the moment - a remnant of the whole phone scam scandals.

As soon as it is again (and Ofcom/PhonePayPlus are suggesting this will happen soon), you can bet it'll be in the app.

Anonymous Coward


>In-app voting is the most obvious reason for having such an application

I disagree - there is no obvious reason for having such an application.

My first upmteen phones were Nokia and its a brand a really admire, but I'll never buy one again until they give up this kind of crap and go Android.

Anonymous Coward

* Not only has Simon Cowell banned Auto-Tune,

well until they perform (note not sing live) in concert or record their album.

Can I vote for this years Rage.

Prodigy Smack yer bitch up.

that is all.



Kind of like your embarrassing Uncle trying to be cool and 'down with the kids'.

Or something.

Give it up.

Geoff Campbell

Well, there it goes....

The last shred of my liking for a brand I used to be loyal to (and for me, brand loyalty is a very rare thing). I think I shall dig out my old 6310 and frame it for display in the study, as a reminder of the glory days.


Pete 6

Oh jesus

How about some actual useful content? I know i probably brought it on myself by getting an N900 but the Ovi store on that is nigh-on useless. Thank god for the application manager, or we'd never have any software.


If nokia auditioned for xfactor

It'd be the 40 something pub singer with quite a good voice really, but picked up and showing some bad habits they've picked up going for their last chance to make it big.

Such a shame for a once great firm that become arrogant they'd always be at the top.


Who is running Nokia ?

Is somebody deliberately trying to kill this company ? They keep going from bad to worse. For example, the N900 appeared to be a step in the right direction but then for some strange reason they left it half baked and then ran off with chip giant Intel. Now they announced the N8 since April but it has not yet been released.

I've been a Nokia fan for a while (they still make great hardware but software usability is shoddy to say the least) but I dont think I'll be buying any device from them again and this sort of XFactor strategy makes my decision a lot easier.

Avatar of They

Ovi needs more than "support" needs a pace maker, cardiac massage and some paramedics.

Still the best line is "range of Nokia phones", which means "not the N900". (SHOCK)

Not that I can stand X factor, simon cowell or the has been, wannabe strumpets Cheryl or Danni. I don't want the app anyway, it would just be nice to have Nokia supporting the N900.

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