back to article SUSE Linux hitches ride on enemy hypervisor

Strange bedfellows VMware and Novell have officially released SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware, a version of Novell's open source OS that piggybacks on every copy of VMware's vSphere hypervisor. In June, VMware and Novell told the world they had agreed to an OEM deal that would see VMware distribute SUSE Linux with …


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Good In Politics, Bad In Quality

That's Novell Linux. If they had chosen the RedHat route of quality they wouldn't go down the sink.

But that's what you get when you hire a guy who has a "Bachelor of Science" of an unspecified subject and who was an IBM corporate drone for a long time.

Hire me - I have an unspecified "Diplom-Ingenieur" degree. Don't know, don't care whether it was in Electrical or Chemical Engineering... Or was it mechanical ??

Anonymous Coward

Re : Good In Politics, Bad In Quality

OpenSUSE = rock solid


Strange bedfellows?

What's strange about these two?

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