back to article CarderPlanet founder charged in $9.4m RBS WorldPay hack

A man accused of being one of the most prolific sellers of credit-card data has been charged with participating in the brazen hack of RBS WorldPay in 2008 that funneled about $9.4m out of the payment processor in just 12 hours. Vladislav Anatolievich Horohorin, 27, was already in the custody of French police following his …


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And the banks claim their systems are infallible.

Whenever a card user challenges a banks statements veracity, the banks regard the complainant with utter disdain and as some deranged inmate from the local 'fruit and nut' centre.

Yet we continually read of these technically gifted alleged criminals who bleed the system in a well publicised history of their exploits.

There seems to be a 'disconnect' between the banks and reality and we, the customers, get taken by the banks denial as well as added costs of using cards because of this fraud.


it's even worse than that

the banks get to decide whether to report it to the police - if you go to the police station yourself, they simply send you to the bank

the banks, of course, refuse to report it and try to blame you


Anti fraud

My understanding is banks are generally responsive to this kind of thing. I know of at least three incidents of card fraud (including current accounts) from colleagues and friends and all were reimbursed without too much hassle. Maybe you've had a different experience


String him up...

Hang him high!

Anonymous Coward

What's robbing a bank

compared to owning one?

@copy; K Marx

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