back to article Netezza sees explosive growth in Q2

Momentum continues to build at data warehousing appliance maker Netezza, which posted 45 per cent growth in the second quarter of fiscal 2011, hitting $63.8m in revenues. In the quarter, which ended July 31, Netezza brought $3.2m to the bottom line, more than four times the black ink it had in the year ago quarter. Jim Baum, …


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Thanks Larry!

Larry may be a Pinocchio about the "billion dollars of Exadata pipeline", but his sales efforts about Exadata is the best thing that ever happened to Netezza. When customers compare Oracle's claims about I/O's per seconds (IOPS) to the business value of BI that Netezza has been delivering to customers its an easy sell. Not to mention $7M per rack of Exadata or $10M over three years makes us look like a great deal.


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