back to article Google tests phone calls from Gmail

Google is testing a service that lets you make phone calls from Gmail, according to a report that includes a screen shot of the test. Cnet says it has learned that Google is exploring a service that launches phone calls from Google Chat, the IM client that dovetails with Gmail. The report says that the service allows users to …


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Big Brother

I know who you called last summer

and I believe you are probably going to renew your car insurance about now!

Google: "Can you afford not to advertise with us?"

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Gizmo5 indeed

Given that Gizmo5 had a working webclient, it seems pretty obvious where this one came from...


I, for one,

welcome our new sponsoring, product placement overlords.

Is there any chance they could incorporate some sort of voice recognition to allow in-call adverts?

A possible scenario...

A: "Yeah, I'm bored of my job, I was thinking of moving"

B: "You really should, you've been there ages!"

<whirring of Chocolate cogs in background>

GoogVoiceOver: "This alarming interruption is brought to you in association with Our records indicate that there are three new jobs that match the criteria you used when you visited this morning!"

B: "WTF??"


Hmm, business opportunity, methinks?


Just wait for those viagra adverts...

...when making a 'Get Carter' style call to the missus.


I got it

Its been added to my account... free us calls till end of 2010, and 10cent free credit.

$0.02 to call irish landline... though it wouldn't connect.

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