back to article OpenSolaris board commits ritual suicide

The OpenSolaris board has suspended operations and symbolically handed all responsibility for the open-variant of Solaris back to database giant Oracle. According to a blog post here: Be it Resolved that the OpenSolaris Governing Board hereby collectively and individually resigns, noting that under the terms of the …


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Petty Threats?

So they basically said "tell us what you want to do, or we'll go away and let you do what you want to do without telling us?"

I think they forgot the "aggressive" part of "passive-aggressive".



> Turns out now, instead of OpenSolaris being coded well ahead of the commercial Solaris, the

> only open source version of any future Solaris stack will come after the commercial product.

Well, not quite. The illumOs project has announced at around the same time that they've decided to fork. So OpenSolaris is dead, but it left behind a newborn offspring that, in the right hands, can be nurtured into something greater than it's father ever will be. I certainly hope it happens.

Badgers. oracle is that.

Anonymous Coward

Hairy Cary

Maybe we will be lucky and Larry will go to his Japanese garden and thrust and twist this sword.

Come on Larry....rock your it.

he really needs an icon below......Bill and Steve-O have two......and his "promise to give money" when he dies was the lamest one of them all

ex-sparc evangalist


What more could they do.

Unless they were going to change their constitution and write out Oracle as the owners of OpenSolaris they were never going to be able to do anything.

I just wish that the Schwartzenager had never been put in charge of Sun so that it'd still be alive


Darth Ellison again

What other option did they have?

They had Oracle employees banning all dissenting people from the mailinglist (asking questions about the future of OpenSolaris was "abusive behavior"), fanbois filling up the rest so that the signal-to-noise ratio of those list were ... problematic.

Then they had leaks proving that the radio-silence from official Oracle standpoint was proven to be accurate. Exactly zero output from Oracle to OpenSolaris was the actual statement.

In the end, the OGB were basically hostages of Oracle Corporation Greediness and nothing more.

Let this be a warning to any business stupid enough to let Oracle people inside their premises.




I'll just go and put my Shocked face on.

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