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IBM is starting an apprentice scheme for the first time which might just rescue people who got bad news in the post from yesterday's A-level results. IBM will pluck 20 people to join its IT Specialists. The apprenticeship will involve travelling three or four days a week but you'll be home for the weekends. Applicants need not …


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Sponsored degrees at IBM

IBM in North Harbour/Hursley used to run a sponsored Computer Science degree in partnership with the University of Portsmouth. However it was canned a year or so after I graduated from it, due to the high costs of running the course (they paid tuition fees and a salary too) and the poor levels of employee retention following graduation.

Many of the other students in my year (I was one of 20), like me, have left. I'd probably still be there if they hadn't put me in such a mind numbingly dull role as an isolated Domino developer in a corporate business function.

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Overall, two thmbs up.

Not quite sure if the aim is to turn the subjects into field engineers or tech presales, but the idea sounds good. If they get onto POCs and demos they might actually get to hear what the customers want to do with the kit, rather than just the brochure stuff. When all we seem to hear about from the vendors is cuts, cuts, cuts, it's quite refreshing to hear about a scheme that actually aims to employ people. I assume the catch is a low starting salary, but probably with better long-term prospects than the usual junior admin jobs.

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