back to article Iranian activists deface UK genetics website

The UK's Human Genetics Commission website was hit by politically-motivated hackers on Tuesday, who defaced the site with a protest marking a Western plot to overthrow a post-WWII democratically elected leader in Iran. Dr Mohammed Mossadegh nationalised Iran's petroleum industry before a plot backed by the UK and the US led to …


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British hackers defaced German Website / "Coventry And All That"

maybe a little more sensivity in would be in order, ElReg ???



...what are you talking about????


Curious indeed

During the past three weeks I've been following a bogus story about birth-defects in Fallujah. Well, the birth-defects and illnesses part appears, sadly, to be true. The claim, made recently in a pay-to-publish journal, that the cause is depleted uranium is demonstrably flawed.

Although the "worse than Hiroshima" headline that accompanied coverage in the Independent was obviously going to generate interest, the story seems to have spread very rapidly. More than once, reading blogs and so forth, I'd wondered that it was being orchestrated and pushed.

As an added twist, the Tehran Times had reported, "Iraq's Ministry for Human Rights is expected to file a lawsuit against Britain and the U.S. over their use of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq."

It's not entirely implausible that with Iran's nuclear reactor about to start up there is something perhaps like a campaign to bring the potential of genetic damage to the fore as a sort of scare story or cautionary tale, in the hope that this will help to stave off a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Their new reactor is about to be started up in the next few days.

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That's some broad statements you're making there. Care to provide some links?

Actually, care to mention why you're spurting off here?


Kermit the Revolutionary

This would be the anniversary of the UK/US backed coup that deposed the entirely democratically elected leader of Iran (who had the temerity to be both socialist and more concerned with the well being of Iranians that international corporate interests), established a puppet regime, all happening according to Winston's wishes and managed by CIA operative K. Roosevelt Jr.:,_Jr.

Poor hackers probably had to settle for the less symbolic genetics website after other recent attacks forced BP to bolster their protections.


@ AndyS

> Care to provide some links?,_Halliburton_Over_War-Zone_Burn_Pits

> Actually, care to mention why you're spurting off here?

a) The health problem in Fallujah, and elsewhere in Iraq and Afghanistan, appears to be absolutely ghastly and deserves attention;

b) hijacking the real cause in order to bolster the campaign against depleted uranium doesn't help matters;

c) the politicians and journalists to whom I've sent details haven't yet responded;

and so d) the hack into the Human Genetics Commission website, which may perhaps be related (e.g. birth defects) to some of the stuff I've been seeing, gives me an opportunity to bring the likely chemical poisoning to the attention of a bunch of technically competent people.


Because ...

They probably haven't replied because you are a nutter.

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