back to article Wikileaks clambers aboard Pirate Party network

Wikileaks has done the inevitable and coupled with Sweden's Pirate Party. The deal promises to keep leaked information flowing via Wikileaks, while presumably ensuring that conspiracy obsessives, policy wonks and the merely curious can cheaply compile a suitable soundtrack for their late night perusals of government and …


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Credibillity, meat Drain, you're about to go down it.


Power, Corruption & Lies

Dune II, Beneath a Steel Sky, UFO... *

Those endless lazy hot Summer afternoons, curtains firmly shut, mother nagging at me to go outside occasionally as I single-handedly warred across Arrakis, attempted to escape from the city and defended the Earth from alien invasion.

Thanks for the nice bracing nostalgia hit!

* ignoring the other one 'cos Win95 wouldn't play nice with it.

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... ditto


In other news

US intelligence has found evidence that Sweden has weapons of mass destruction and is harbouring terrorists.


Go team, best of luck with it

That is all

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It's a natural reaction when a big bully threatens

When the big, bad USA starts threatening people it should not be surprised if people take defensive actions.

The US is really getting extremist even to the point of preparing to murder it's citizens without the benefit of a trial.

The poetic point of this is that the Pentagons DARPA designed the InterNet to withstand attacks and here it is facing it's own program that it financed.


watch them gather

So... all the right-thinking freedom types will gather under the flag until it's time to "lance the boil".

It's fine to support the good of these organizations, but be careful following them or you'll get rounded up by the overlords next deviant sweep.

(My mum remembers some town-hall rally where some total strangers tried to hijack the rally and have everyone storm the council chambers. Most of the parent's thought they were nutters and ignored them).

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I'M A CONSPIRACY NUT AND A LUNATIC - because "The Register" says so!

"The deal promises to keep leaked information flowing via Wikileaks, while presumably ensuring that conspiracy obsessives..."

Well, "The Register" is clearly just another useless corporate media outlet slavishly defending the rich and powerful no matter what the cost to the public or foreigners. Anyone who wants to scrutinize their government is a "conspiracy nut".

You don't have to be a "conspiracy obsessive" to NOT trust the government. Where are the WMD in Iraq? Does "The Register" care that hundreds of thousands of people are now dead thanks to the U.S. and Britain rushing headlong into a war, and making NO EFFORT to protect civilians? Does it care about the children who have suffered terribly as a result?

As for liberating Iraq, Iraqis could have overthrown their dictator in 1991, when there was a mass uprising. Bush Senior, however, gave Saddam permission to fly his military helicopters and quell the rebellion in blood. This is NOT a conspiracy-nut theory - Bush admits this is what he did. When he told Iraqis to rebel, he said he meant the military generals, NOT ordinary Iraqis. Why? Because the U.S. didn't want Iraqis carrying out their own regime change - it would have been far too unpredictable for America - i.e. the U.S. might have ended up with a regime hostile to U.S. "interests" in the Middle East. Therefore, Saddam was kept in power and brutal sanctions imposed that punished the civilian population.

Was it a conspiracy theory when we were told that 500,000 children in Iraq had died as a result of these sanctions - the harshest sanctions any country has had to endure? No, it wasn't, because Madeleine Albright, then Secretary of State in Clinton's administration, said on "60 Minutes", in 1996, that "the price [500,000 children dying] is worth it". If you don't believe me, google 'We Think the Price Is Worth It' and "Media uncurious about Iraq policy's effects".

The real conspiracy is going on IN GOVERNMENT. Both Britain and the U.S. secretly armed Iraq in the 1980s - yes, this vile dictator was our friend then. Read "Spider's Web" by Alan Friedman - a conspiracy nut? Hardly! He was, at the time, a correspondent for the London Financial Times - no FT, no comment! He uses court documents - hard evidence! - to show what kind of government our taxes are paying for.

What is corporate globalization if not a conspiracy - politicians and CEOs conspiring to implement a global economic system to benefit corporate profits, NOT human happiness? Find out about the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), an agreement drawn up in secret to give corporations unprecedented control over our lives. A conspiracy-nut theory? Absolutely not! European governments rejected the MAI because of what it would mean for democracy. The UK government, however, is implementing the MAI piecemeal.

Diego Garcia? The pets of around 2,000 islanders were gassed and then the islanders were kicked off THEIR island and forced to live in slums in Mauritius. One woman set herself ablaze; a man had a heart attack and died; and entire families committed suicide. A conspiracy theory? No! This case went to the High Court in London where a judge ruled that what Britain had done was shameful and illegal. Yet the politicians - Liberal, Conservative, and Labour - have kept this episode hidden from the public for DECADES!

Keep up the good work, "The Register" - voraciously eating out of the hand that feeds it!

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Have you read any of the other threads about wikileaks? By your definition, I'm a "conspiracy nut and lunatic" and I work here...

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Lets not forget...

The USA (through the CIA) armed, trained, and provided funding to the Taliban in the 80's, making them what they are today. The USA are guilty of providing support to a terrorist organization.

That the Taliban have subsequently turned against the USA is the USA's problem - they created their own problem.

Anyone disagree so far? Ok...

Now look at how they deal with it. Admit they they f**ked up? No, they invade. They blame others. Many, many lives are lost. And still they dont take responsibility for these terrorists they provided support to in past years.

Wikileaks get a lucky break when someone within the US govt decides to leak this info to them. Assange, seeing an opportunity to float his own boat, steps out from the shadows (bad move, dude). Now it gets personal. Extradite him, hang him, blah blah blah. We have a new 'evil' enemy we can start chasing... Go USA. Again. Doing dumb-ass shit.

So the focus is off the USA and their endorsement of terrorism (that has come back to bite them). Now the focus is off the USA's tardy secret-record keeping. Now the focus is off the USA's intelligence communities previous indiscretions... Now the USA doesnt need to be accountable for its support of a terrorist organization responsible for putting American citizens, allied troops, and innocent civilians lives at risk.

All the USA have to do, is 'bring to justice' a scapegoat activist organization. Then we can all go back to civilized life: tending to our cotton plantations, playing baseball, and donating money to Sunday-morning TV Church shows.

Aint life grand.


More posts with classic New Order album subtitles please

Nostalgia for the 40+ demographic. Surely Movement / Lowlife / Technique could be shoehorned easily into a weeks subs. Nothing post-1988 though, if possible, it's all been downhill since then.

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