back to article Paris jub-flash mugger busted

Police have busted the Paris jub-flash mugger who, along with an accomplice, earlier this month relieved a man of €300 after distracting him with her chesticles. The pair targeted their victim at a cashpoint on 7 August. One of them exposed her chest and grabbed the poor chap's wedding tackle, while the other snatched the cash …


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  2. Andrew Barr

    Playmobile or it didn't happen!!

    You might have to cover the relevant bits due to the age of the playmobile girls!!

  3. MinionZero

    Context is everything...

    Ok own up, as the Reg does a lot of Paris Hilton stories, who thought at first, they were using a photo of Paris Hilton.

    As for these evolutionary reject scumbag throw backs, it looks like they are well on their way to a life of crime.

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  5. A. Lewis

    Top stuff

    Thanks as always El Reg, for keeping us abreast of all the pertinent international news.

  6. Guido Esperanto
    Big Brother

    to the previous commentards

    who stated "pics or it didnt happen"

    the feds will be at the door soon with a register for you to sign :D

    you dirty ole men!

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