back to article Waledac zombie attacks rise from the grave

Update: Trend Labs has reclassified the malware as a Bredolab variant instead of Waledac. That means the central premise of out original story - that Waladec - is back from the grave - is wrong. "An unfortunate combination of human and machine errors let to the mislabeling of this threat as Waledac. Apologies for the confusion …


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I'm getting them to multiple email addresses and to the tune of a dozen per day. First they were one liners with really bad grammar but they been getting sneakier as the week goes on. Here is one that I thought pretty good.

Hey guys

Already mentioned this to some of you and sorry about the mass email but thought I could be missing out on a good opportunity if I didn’t…

So… I’m looking for geeks all over USA. They need to be highly intelligent and shy/nervous around girls etc

All the contestants genuinely had an amazing time last year and are actively recommending it to their mates this year. They get the chance to teach hot girls a thing or two, and get the chance to win $100,000! So far – I haven’t spoken to a single geek who’s been offended that I’ve called them one. But if you’d rather – please do pass on their details to me and I’ll get in touch with them anonymously.

I’ve attached flyers in case you want to forward on, or put up in your office…

Thanks so much

Hope to see you soon

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Let's hope...

they're teaching the girls about not opening attachments from people they don't know.

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