back to article Symantec revs BackupExec

Symantec says it's a new release but it's just tweaking: BackupExec 2010 gets faster installation through better wizards and supports SharePoint 2010. Symantec reckons that install time is cut by a fifth. It says recovery time is also reduced because gaps in backup practises are identified by a "Product Recommendation Engine" …


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Cool, but...

Sarcastic remarks? check

Superficial details? check

Version information? uhm, hold on...

Good El Reg standar piece, except you forgot to say what you're actually talking about. Symantec says it's a new release? it's just tweaking? What is? 2010 SP1? 2010.1?

Nevermind, I'll just google it myself.


BE2010 R2

Not only are there numerous bug fixes to this release, but the new R2 edition of BE2010 also supports things like Sharepoint 2010, and SQL 2008 R2 as well as vSphere 4.1. There are also some neat improvements like guided wizards for setup, better removable drive support, and more NDMP support.

Ultimately, other than bug fixes, and platform support. The changes are more enhancements to simplify setup and administration... As if BE wasn't already simple enough...

Paris Hilton

Reduced install time?

So, the primary selling point of this product is that the install time is quicker, it has a RSS reader and it supports Sharepoint 2010.

How fricking awesome is that? And Symantec want to call it a new release? LOLtastic!

Oh, and to clarify it for you ThomasF, Symantec are claiming it is a new release, El Reg hack points out that the new features are in reality extremely minor tweaks, sarcasm ensues.

Paris, because her Install Wizard is already purrrfect

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the real pisser

is bloody ntbackup in 2008. Why the fook M$ removed it, forcing us to leech a non VSS version from 2003 is beyond me.

Oh yeah, I think I remember using backupexec 10d. then I moved to ntbackup after laughing at the prices.

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