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Cybercrooks use of botnets to make money by sending spam or launching denial of service attacks has become a well-understood business model. But the controllers of networks of compromised PCs have other ways of turning an illicit profit, including using rogue traffic brokers to defraud reputable brands. Trend Micro's write-up …


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apr fools/conficter/botnet vs the hidden truth behind the schenes

there are more than meets the eyes. the main hacker that started it all works at dep of trans at the pentagon. originally, the hacker(through windstream(or a copy)) used the backdoor aka pixel error through our graphics card built this worm to help pass a law called the rootlaw. the traffic now redirected psycholigically is blamed on hackers that made the botnet while boosting it so he dont look guilty. this started after he told me to tell the fbi that i discovered a hackers ring in 2009.

i still get over 2000 ips per hour from the real traffic.

whats involved is pixel error using graphics to connect remotely where security doesnt work.

he then takes the backdoor and sends data through cookies to tell the hacker what he requests while the cookies are used to send command. he uses both side of the connection using lists of exploits to break in. im sure the phone situation is linked also to him and is the original source of the worm. the security teams are finally working on that part. he shuts off power while the phone still runs and uses bidirectional antentenas with a ham radio to infect that way while the real spam was actually titles linking to numbers to tell the worm what to do next in order. port 1900 was used to inject the parsings into your browser through a fake hardware device that i can assume connects remotely through your icons on your desktop. you cant rid cause your drive is connected to the fake hardware that works with memory and such where access is denied. i would have been able to fight this worm if the security options were easy to disable. no security would have helped. rid the old cookie system and make a system that the creator cant even break into even if he had info on his system. thats what needs to be done...

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