back to article Beefy 2010 chip forecast get steroids blast

Chip market researcher iSuppli says in its latest forecast for 2010 that semiconductor sales are "already pumped up by bulging demand" but that this year it has "been injected with a powerful dose of growth steroids." And thus, iSuppli is raising its chip revenue forecast for the year. iSuppli was a bit more negative back in …


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Yes it was an accident on the chip makers

Too many of the manufactures took advantage of the slowdown to get rid of a lot of people. People they need to ramp up the production lines. Now some of them are losing customers to plants that can ramp up.

Maybe poor planning is a better word. Reducing capacity so you can't meet your customers needs is bad business.

Mines the one with the " I am glad to have a job button".

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