back to article 'Most powerful person in search' calls time on Yahoo!

In the war for internet supremacy, one veteran has retired from the battle while another has new marching orders: Yahoo! trailblazer Srinija Srinivasan has bowed out while Google vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra has reportedly been tapped to head up Mountain View's anti-Facebook offensive. "I'm proud to announce my …


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Meet the new Microsoft

Facebook does something to establish leadership in a new market Google had no interest in and that makes them Google's archrival. Sounds like something BillG would do.


what a great choice

So I can either give me details to facebook or google, what a great choice!

Perhaps I'll steer clear of the whole thing.

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Oh ffs!


What is the point?

I can't see any real point in social networking like this. I've been on the Interwebs for more than a decade and used message boards, ICQ, Gtalk, etc. including Twitter and Facebok.

I'll admit that on Twitter I've learned things by listening to other peoples tweets; either facts that I wouldn't have bothered researching, and I've picked up a few new bands that way. Key to this is it requires no intervention on my part; simply having the window open on a different screen while I'm sat at the machine.

Facebook is a different kettle of fish as it requires me to actively go to someone elses wall; which I typically don't have time to do with anything other than things I've already got an active interest in ... in other words, I don't expand my attention field. Most of my friends on Facebook are people I talk with or otherwise e-mail anwyay, so I can't see the benefit from it.

Also, with Farm Ville making almost anything of any interest obtainable with Farm Cash only which is difficult to generate without handing over real money (as opposed to coins which build up with work done) the value of these games are rapidly going out the window. Kingoms of Camelot also needs cash to pay for gems once you reach a certain level, and all my colleagues who are neighbours in Farm Ville, are complaining about the now almost constant pop-ups.

Facebook is, for me, a failed model and I can't see why Google would bother trying to emulate it. For my money, there is more to learn from Twitter than Facebook. A system that gives an automatic tap on the shoulder without requiring active intervention from anyone.

On Twitter, I monitor peoples tweets before I sign up to their stream. So long as someone doesn't post more than two or three tweets a day and has genuinely interesting things to say, I'll follow them. I feel in control of the information flow.

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Fail for you, win for me...

Michelle you can dislike Facebook or you want, but just cause it doesnt have a purpose for you, does not mean it doesnt have a purpose for other people (like myself). Thats like saying that because we have aircraft, why would anyone have need of a helicopter?

For me Facebook is superb for keeping in touch with friends, because i am in a job where i move country every 6-12 month (8 countries in the last 5 years so far) naturally i make great friends in each of those countries and so I want to stay in touch with them all. However, i also change mobile phone numbers regularly so staying in touch with everyone by phone would be a right pain in the butt. Facebook lets me see a brief update of where my freinds are and what theyre up to. Without the need to send out a hundred emails a week. I can also send direct messages to people when i want to.

Ive never touched the games or other bollocks attached to Facebook (and i have no intention of doing so in the future), but for just keeping in touch with people in different cities and countries i find it fantastic.

So just keep in mind, that whilst something might not work for you, that does not mean it doesnt have a purpose for someone else.

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I take your point...

I take your point lglethal, but then again how many people are in a position such as yourself?

I'll admit that I did a few years in Europe but even then I find it far more rewarding to pick up the phone (Skype, whatever) and speak with people, rather than leave 400-odd character wall notes.

I suppose I must be one of the rare people that has actually kept the same mobile phone number for well more than a decade, only suffering when they put the "7" in.

Direct messages, I use e-mail for and I encourage my friends to use my e-mail because I have the power to re-direct it. Important stuff comes straight to my hip, not so important stuff stays at home. Spam stays on a server in California where it never sees the light of day.

When I was on the road I admit to having the time, stuck in hotel rooms or sparsely decorated apartments where I wasn't going to be there for long; with nothing much to do, to follow blogs and other stuff; but in a more conventional 9 to 5 as I beleive a good majority of people are, I strangely have little time left and it is only when the phone rings, or I pick the phone up, that everything else goes on hold.

I suppose I'm just old fashioned that I prefer to talk with people.

But over the decade and a bit that I've run web pages and more recently blogs, I never expected my friends and family to read them. They were there for other people who didn't know what those close to me already knew ... for information that I wanted to readily pass on and help other peoples lives ... and I believe I'm starting to see Facebook's wall in the same light. I'll say this ... those close to me know stuff that will NEVER be posted on any web service. (and if you know the kinds of things I've published in my name, it will leave you wondering about the stuff that ISN'T published!)

You are perfectly correct, however, it is a horses for courses thing ... but I know that the only thing that this particular horse is giving me, are saddle sores.

The people I know who have been on Facebook for far longer than I have, are starting to drop off it, or only stay on for the games; and their walls are correspondingly full of automatic chatter from services that were long ago given permission to wall post and the link been forgotten about. I would, personally, put these people at being a more typical user than someone like yourself, moving frequently and changing contact numbers often.

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