back to article Intel eyes up Infineon for purchase

It seems that Intel is looking to acquire the wireless arm of chip maker Infineon, with a view to getting its processors wirelessly enabled and taking on ARM in the mobile phone space. Rumours about a deal between the companies have been circulating for a while, along with suggestions that Infineon would make a nice buy for …


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Can this work?

Hmmm. The Intel x86 architecture contains an awful lot of historical and upwards-compatibility cruft that an ARM core does not. Surely this means that it'll always either consume more power, or be slower, than an ARM-based system of equivalent performance. In the mobile arena this will translate into Atom handsets being heavier than ARM-based ones, or having shorter battery life.

I really can't see x86 compatible CPUs catching up in the mobile world.


Bye-bye Infineon Mobile Phone Platforms?

I wonder what this could mean for Infineon's line of ARM-based mobile platforms? Their suite of dev tools are one of the best to work with (much better than Qualcomm's for one). Shame if it got out of market just because Intel can't get wireless right.

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Coffin Nail on Mobile WiMax

I think this is as much about built in Modems on Netbooks, Laptops etc.


Looks the two main Mobile WiMax rollouts and Imagine's Pseudo Mobile WiMax rollout in Ireland.

I think Fixed WiMax is a successful niche market, but low volume as it's one Radio set per building and one per gadget/laptop. (We have up to 2 Netbooks and 7 laptops, 3 smart phones, 4 handheld consoles and one Archos PMP all on two Wifi points, but only one outdoor Fixed Wireless Broadband radio.)

Mine's the one with LTE specification and roadmap in the pocket.

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