back to article Unisys floats mainframe cloud

A mainframe cloud may seem oxymoronic like a lead Zeppelin ("a" included on purpose), or intuitively obvious (given the virtualization and metering capabilities that have been in mainframes for decades). But Unisys has nonetheless fluffed up a mainframe cloud for its ClearPath mainframe customers. The ClearPath Cloud …


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Why not use an emulator on your laptop instead


The ClearPath Cloud slices sell in three-month blocks. The base cloud slice is rated at 25 MIPS and has 8MB of main memory (all you need to write and compile code) and 75GB of disk capacity; it costs $13,000 over the three months.


I can use an emulator like the Hercules Emulator (IBM S/370) and easily get 60-70 MIPS with 1GB of memory on my 1 year old laptop, and that is in a not very optimized emulated mode.

I believed the only thing keeping the mainframe business afloat was dead old code nobody dear to touch, or written in a programming language (Cobol?) where all once proficient programmers are now retired. Definitely not being taught in Bangalore or Mumbai.

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