back to article TalkTalk talks up SIM only mobile deals

TalkTalk is to launch its own mobile phone service, thanks to a deal with Vodafone UK. The company is launching a range of SIM only voice and data tariffs later in the summer. Given its track record with home broadband and landlines, we anticipate highly competitive pricing. In cellco parlance, this tie-in makes TalkTalk an …


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What (rubbish) are they spouting?

I have bought a couple of Talkmobile SIM PAYG cards from Carphone Warehouse shops in the past few months, specifically for use in Sierra Wireless Aircard modems. At 30 pence a day for up to 25MB its the best deal around. And getting more than 25MB through a 2G modem inside 24 hours is hard work! Sounds as though this "good news" is the precursor to a price increase!

Beer 'cos its Friday (if it isn't Friday, please tell the boss I'm "busy working at home")



"TalkMobile" and "TalkTalk Mobile" are different.

Talkmobile is fairly new, and uses Voda - Operated by Carphone

TalkTalk Mobile as was, ran on Tmobile. Carphone also did... Fresh Mobile, Value Mobile, Mobile World and Take5


TalkTalk has been an MVNO several times already

I'm assuming this is just a statement from TalkTalk copied and pasted as an article. Wasn't really anybody at The Reg able to spot the fact that TalkTalk has been an MVNO for many, many a year now? Just not a very successful one, perhaps. I have been with TalkTalk mobile for about 1.5 years, starting from somewhere early 2006. This was using T-Mobile as a carrier.

Then there was Talk Mobile (single 'Talk' - not two of them!). I know, very smart of them - trying to confuse their own customers. With different set of support phone numbers - just so that you had to spend the whole day figuring out which TalkTalk MVNO department you really belonged to. I believe this was using O2's network - but I'm not completely sure on that. Definitely using a different carrier then TalkTalk mobile.

Then they had FreshMobile (which apparently closed this spring) - and another MVNO which I can't remember. OK, you might argue that FreshMobile actually was part of Carphone Warehouse - but the other two are more obvious - just look at the names.

So please - the article should really read - "TalkTalk is to (re)launch (another) own mobile service".

And to El Reg - I am disappointed.

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