back to article Microsoft names September for IE9 beta

The beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 will hit in September. Microsoft's chief operating officer Kevin Turner named the date for Wall Street analysts during the company's annual Financial Analyst Meeting (FAM) in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft until now has not released dates on IE9, but Turner dropped the date …


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"We're excited about IE9 ..."

It's just a web browser FFS, get over yourself.

"great story to tell"

Stories usually start "Once upon a time...".

I'm sorry, is he really going to give the reporters a blow-by-blow account of the development of IE9?

I'm sure it will be riveting.

"Well, then on Thursday, Jack found a super bug in the rendering code. We all gathered round and had a right old laugh. He is a card. Well with our combined brain power, we managed to a solution and, believe me, it was a doozy...".

Marketing-speak: we can do without it thank you very much.


Standards compliance

will make me a happy. I am sick to death of re-writing standards compliant code so that it renders properly in MS browsers.

"IE is important to Microsoft strategically, as Microsoft believes the browser drives traffic to Bing and its other online properties."

Hardly surprising when MS services are hard wired into the browser and are a pain to remove even by someone who knows what they are doing. One even has to visit MS just to change the default search from Bing. Not only that, all MS browsers connect to MS servers on every launch unless the default settings are changed.

"where do you want to go today?"

None of your fsking business.

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Best wishes and... SVG?

Best of wishes to the IE team that they finally get a decent standards implementation. No one benefits from having a lame IE shoot itself in the foot in its standards support.

Fine if it still ferociously machine guns itself in the foot using curare-laden hollowpoints wrt. security, speed, etc... That won't cause websites to be crappy for everyone else, just for people silly enough to use IE or unlucky enough to be locked into it at work.

What I want to know... SVG support? Finally? Easy enough to google promises that it's coming.

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Well, THAT's not a difficult prediction.

Last I checked, it's been September since September 1993 ...


Incoming fail?

Is it be, can it be standards compliance tiem plz?


I'm So Excited, I Can't Wait

IE9 Beta.


That means I've only a few more weeks to wait before I can read another hilarious avalanche of freetard MS, IE bashing.

Get ready boys and girls. Practice makes perfect remember. After me, 1,2,3.......

"It's slow." "It's full of security holes." "It's IE." "It's produced by Microsoft." "Firefox is better." "Chrome is better." "Opera is better." "Safari is better." "Only idiots use IE."

Then assume an attitude of insufferable smugness and say, "Who uses IE anyway." "I use Linux." "I use a mac."

The wait will be almost unbearable, but I have no doubt will be worth it. Some real entertainment at last.


*squee* I is so e'cited!

Drink beer, talk to people. Go see a band. You know, all the things that using a piece of software _isn't_.


Finances.. IE..?

Software, sold for free that drives people (supposedly) to MS online services (mostly free).

Yeah, you'll have them spilling their wallets open I'm sure.

Isn't it cost-ineffective by now? Just make a ballot screen, get fucking rid of IE and let the universe continue without making as all support another motherfucking version of your bug ridden, tortuously ugly horseshit.

If your "services" are so good, people will use them through <insert good browser name here>.

Good DAY sir!

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