back to article Nvidia Tegra 2 tablet to debut at IFA show

German company Interpad will be showing off an interesting tablet at the upcoming IFA show in Berlin: a 10in boy running Android 2.1 on an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. Said system-on-a-chip operates at 1GHz and has 1GB of DDR 2 memory to play with. Interpad Tegra-based tablets have been few and far between since Nvidia …


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Small problem...

The cheapest version (€399) will have no 3G and no GPS and as such will not qualify for Google Apps and the Android app market. Which makes it a bit useless, as many Android tablets right now.



I wouldn't mind one of these, despite the lack of 3G and GPS, my Nexus One is a WiFi/Bluetooth AP.

Problem is that it is at least €150 too expensive for me to make an impulse purchase. Perhaps at Christmas I will make a decision.

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