back to article HP to pitch Windows Slate at Big Biz

HP has confirmed that its Windows 7-based Slate 500 tablet hasn't been canned and will be pitched at big biz customers this coming autumn. HP's plan, mentioned to Engadget, is no great surprise. As we noted earlier this week, HP's acquisition of Palm led many observers to assume that the Slate 500 might be replaced, before its …


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Tweet while you print

Tweet just in from HP660C :

W00ters jst prted pg 1 of 1549 in color OMG sos cool. Pls see my scan of pg

(Six hours later and 1549 auto tweets later...)

W00ters jst prted pg 1549 of 1549 in color OMG so cool. Pls...Oh fuck it no one cares about what I've printed or ate for breakfast...


Sounds ok to me.

I looked into getting an iPad for work purposes but it's simply not flexible enough to fit into other workflows.

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Can't wait

I'll be first in line for the WebOS version, it's a great little OS, easily hackable too.


Keep faking the tablets

So, the slate's late but still slated to be on the slate later - when it will be slated.

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I want a Windows Slate, dammit!!!

This doesn't constitute any criticism of WebOS - I'm simply not interested in such a product.

You'd almost think that Carly is back running things.

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