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One of the few things I learnt at university was Pareto’s Principle, or the 80/20 rule, which states that in anything, 20 per cent is vital and 80 per cent is trivial. Blacklight: Tango Down Pedestrian crossing? Doubtful Originally calculated to describe the distribution of wealth in society - where 20 per cent of a …


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Anonymous Coward


Get counter strike source

It's all the fps multiplayer frag festing you need with the added bonus of zombie escape.

I keep playing other games (medal of honor beta, bad company 2, fuel of war, call of duty blah), but in the end they all suck and I return to CSS no stupid leveling system, vast numbers of servers, huge number of mods and maps.

But all these other games act as little excursions to remind me why CSS is good. Sure they look good but at the end of the day they suck.


What a title

"Blacklight: Tango Down" creates a mental image of a dancing content lit by those special lights the police use to find hidden blood/other body liquid stains.

Silver badge

ee its not like it used to be

CS source?

Action Quake 2 is the only real weapons fps you need!

the original and best


All you ever need

CS:S and DOD:S..Cost less and loads of maps extras :)

Let the pwnage begin!

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