back to article Dell pays $100m to settle accounting fraud charges

Dell has agreed to pay $100 million to settle US Security and Exchange Commission charges that it failed to disclose information to investors and used fraudulent accounting practices to give the false impression it was meeting Wall Street earnings targets. Separately, Michael Dell – the company's founder, chairman, and CEO – …


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$4 million fine, pah!

I could easily pay this myself.

Of course I would be leave $3,999,999 in debt.

Ho hum.


Well, considering

he probably earns on the order of $90+ million a year paying that amount to him would be no more annoying than you paying a speeding fine...


Shocking AMD doesn't sue them all into oblivion.

Holy crap!! Intel's anti-competition payoffs were so huge as to affect their earnings results when they payoff went away!!!

Wake up and look everyone, this hands off look the other way attitude is rewarding crimnals.

Gate and Zuckerber steal to start their companies, and plenty like dell steal to keep them going.

WHY IS DELL AND CREW NOT GOING TO JAIL FOR STEALING MONEY FROM THEIR INVESTORS?!?!?! This is a much larger sum of money I am sure than your typical bank or 7-11 robber gets away with. I understand more jail time wether you use a gun or not, but stealing is stealing, why are these guys not being charged with a crime? Why is Intel not under investigation and properly punished for gaming and manipulating the market? They should loose their business license for acting criminally.

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Dell probably didn't steal from their investors

It's debatable. Dell took sales and market share loss from not having AMD in both the server and desktop market (remember AMD had the only 64 bit chips there too at the time). But made huge profits from Intel.

So they were screwing their customers, though they could go elsewhere for their AMD goodies. And some did...

But for the investors, who knows. They had billions in free money from Intel that they didn't have to work for. With Opteron, they'd have had to actually do some work to earn that cash. With the low margins on hardware, a few billion in profits is A LOT of server sales. At 10%* gross margin it's tens of billions of dollars worth of extra sales they'd have needed to generate in order to make up for that Intel cash over those years.

The losers were the marketplace and of course AMD. Who settled their differences with Intel, for money and licensing deals.

* I have no idea of Dell's margins. I suspect that 10% is probably generous though, given the struggles of the PC and server companies to make (or not to lose) money around that time.

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