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Vulture Central is hearing that Atrato is effectively up for sale, that there is no cash to fund the payroll, and that Jeff Edwards, the VP of Sales has resigned. We heard a couple of weeks ago also that five more people were let go taking the headcount to less than 20. CEO Steve Visconti added a lot of colour to this bleak …


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I'm surprised that Atrato lasted this long

It should be no surprise that Atrato is in the toilet.

1. CEO that doesn't get it

2. CEO doesn't want to hear that he doesn't get it and hire Yes men

3. Poor and changing product positioning with unclear value proposition

4. Can't get over the fact that it is not about the hardware

5. Missing most basic software functionality

6. Revolving door at sales vp

7. CEO tells sales to hit grand slams by signing up OEM deals with few real references

8. Over promise on functionality and under deliver

WHEN there is a fire sale and IF somebody buys the assets, they will need a good software team and somebody that understands marketing to fix all the positing problems.

It is a shame with all the initial promise, that after 4 years Atrato (Sherwood) hasn't made it out of startup mode.

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