back to article Yahoo! blames so-so revenues on 'sluggish' search

After all that Meltdown-induced cost-cutting and Bartzian reshaping, Yahoo!'s profits rose 32 per cent during the second quarter. But revenues grew a mere two per cent, failing to reach the expectations of both the Wall Street guessmen and Yahoo! itself. "We continued on our promise to improve operating income and margins," …


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Just thinking out loud...

Reading this and remembering Yahoo is going in for using the MS stuffage in place of their own got me thinking. Most the average every day non-techy people I know using Yahoo for email and searches do so to get away from or avoid using Microsoft's stuffage. I wonder how many do this over all and if the coming changes will result in further drops in usage of Yahoo over all.


Yahoo deserves to fail big time ...

... if only because of its insidious policy to foist is crapware unwanted on users that never asked for it in the first place.

Far too many products are coming with a so-called "optional" Yahoo toolbar, which is turned on by default. That's not an option, its an imposition.

Have a look at your own browser now. Does it have a yahoo toolbar, and did you actively choose to put it there? For far too many people, the answers will be "yes" and "no" respectively.

I vote we all actively remove Yahoo from our browsers. It's not easy I know, perhaps somebody can come up with an automated tool that does it and, preferably, blocks future surreptitious installations.

Better still, I vote that the twits that chose to offer it as an "option" in their products have an immediate rethink, use some elementary common sense and change the install option so that it is OFF BY DEFAULT.

If you don't, then it's not just Yahoo that we'll start boycotting. It's YOU too!


Perhaps removing all the cr*p would improve revenue

I have both Yahoo! and Google e-mail accounts.

Google has a simple interface, runs well, and I've only had to opt out of social networking idiocy once.

Yahoo! seems to "upgrade" its e-mail on a monthly basis, enabling chat, activity sharing, and who knows what else every time I log in. I've taken to checking my preferences every month to turn off all the social networking idiocy they've enabled that month.

My solution was to lock down all the non-essential scripting stuff on Yahoo! mail using NoScript and FlashBlock, so my visits and viewings of ads are most likely no longer recorded. Yahoo!'s insistence on trying to get me involved in every social networking fad on the planet has resulted in a loss of revenue for them because I've disabled scripts and never touch their ads for fear I'll be signed up for even more idiocy.

I doubt I'm the only one.

"Just do what I've asked you to do, and don't try to 'improve' my user experience. You will fail."

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