back to article VMware juggernaut rolls on and on

Server virtualization juggernaut VMware gets to keep its title. In its second quarter ended in June, the company pushed sales up 47.9 per cent, to $673.9m, and despite some heavy research, development, sales, and marketing costs, its net income hit $74.5m. That's a 2.3 per cent profit increase. If Microsoft wasn't giving its …


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red hat - competition?

redhat are NOT providing stiff competition in my experience. tried for ages to get RHEV evaluation software and/or academic/realistic quotes.

I suspect they didn't have a product to release.

They lost me when I realised you require active directory to run their management software. I don't care about "coming soon", promises or vapourware, I was in the market to buy a product.

I am now a VMware customer.

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No Comparison...

You talk about MS's product as if it were worthwhile but if you can't run anything but Windows it ain't worth the trouble. Linux's hypervisor isn't anywhere near as good as VMWare's & neither for that matter is Windows.

If you need one get VMWare, the others just aren't nearly good enough.

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